Why Attend

"I can't imagine a better summit. My brain is buzzing with all these new tools, resources, case studies, and innovative ideas and software. I'll be back next year, and if next year is as good as this year, you'll definitely have made a follower for life out of me." - HAS 16 attendee

Stay on the forefront of analytics best practices

Healthcare organizations are increasingly acknowledging the strategic importance of data and analytics as a critical component of surviving in the new world of population health and value-based care. These new shared risk payment models all require a fundamentally transformed ability to understand, use, and apply data well enough to predict and drive outcomes.

However, once embarking on this journey, many health systems realize this path is not easy. There are a variety of issues that need to be addressed including…

  • How to improve your technology, data, and analytics capabilities
  • How to identifying and lead cross-functional teams for data-driven process improvement
  • How to identify and integrate data and analytics into your clinical, operational, and financial best practices
  • How to use leading edge analytics approaches like machine learning for predictive and prescriptive analytics purposes
  • How to use data to understand and prioritize which opportunities, explore root causes and design interventions
  • How to monitor, adjust, and continuously learn from your data and metrics
  • How to demonstrate ROI from your analytics efforts
  • How to engage your organizational leadership and support for adopting data-driven best practices throughout your system

Learn from leading-edge speakers and data-driven health systems

The Healthcare Analytics Summit is again the best place to get the latest and greatest answers.  Our theme is “Accelerating Outcomes”. You will hear from the best thinkers from across the industry and experience analytics-intense rich breakout sessions. We will again have a significant number of case study sessions where we have increased the available time to spend more time on “how to achieve outcomes.” We are increasing the variety of topics covered so you can learn from a wider array of use cases. Unlike other conferences, this experience will be driven by data using live session polling, real-time analytics, and advanced event applications at your fingertips so you can touch and breathe analytics. Attending HAS 17 will accelerate your application of analytics best practices in your current role and avoid the time-consuming and costly pitfalls of others who learned by trial and error.

Here are some examples of topics that you will learn by coming to the summit.  In fact, we have so many topics and sessions that we highly recommend you come with others from your organization so you collectively increase your breath of learning

Education sessions

  • Activity based costing (how ABC works and how it can significantly improve outcomes ROI)
  • Governance (best practices from an executive leadership perspective)
  • Machine learning (how do I successfully bring this into my organization)
  • Outcomes improvement (a proven 7 step process)
  • Outcomes improvement (how to sustain and spread success throughout my organization)
  • Patient safety (how analytics can significantly address)
  • Population health (a universal model for small, medium, and large systems)
  • Population health (keys to successful internal population health projects)
  • Population health (inner city approaches)
  • Unleash the data (why the future is about giving data access to EVERYONE)

Outcomes improvement case studies (health system presented)

  • Achieving operational efficiencies with analytics
  • Building a data driven culture
  • Building an effective governance structure for outcomes improvement
  • Bundled pricing (how one hospital offers flat, all-in, bundled pricing to consumers)
  • CLABSI: application of predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Designing hospital quality function around the value chain
  • Developing successful care process teams
  • Driving $13M in system-wide clinical improvement program
  • Employing machine learning to improve system-wide readmissions
  • Gaining clinical insight and saving physician time through data and analytics
  • Improving clinical and financial outcomes for patients with COPD
  • Integrated data measures for improve insights
  • Machine learning and activity-based costing
  • Managing diabetes with population health management
  • Payer/provider collaboration
  • Population health management
  • Risk capitation – 20 years of lessons learned
  • Supercharging improvement with predictive analytics
  • Sustaining improvements
  • System-wide blood utilization program
  • Total joint replacement
  • Using analytics to improve revenue cycle management
  • Using patient reported outcomes to improve value-based care

Technical sessions

  • Closed-loop and point-of-care analytics
  • Data Operating System – a new paradigm for the future
  • Machine learning
  • NLP and text analytics

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