Who Should Attend

We have optimized this summit for many types of healthcare organizations, roles, and situations.  Unfortunately, this year we are not able to accommodate vendors or service providers due to capacity constraints.  So, who is this summit designed for?  We thought it would be helpful to describe who would best be served by attending this summit.

What Challenges Are We Addressing In This Summit?

  • You have a confusing array of data sources and analytics tools and need a more comprehensive analytics strategy.
  • You have trouble pulling together executive or department level reports that show a single version of the truth or that satisfy your clinical, operational, financial, or administrative requests.
  • You have an integrated data and analytics infrastructure but face resistance from different groups who reject using a centralized approach. You are looking for ways to accelerate analytics adoption throughout the organization.
  • You start starting down the path of population health, accountable care or some type of shared risk implementation, but don’t have a systematic way of measuring your costs or identifying, measuring, prioritizing and tackling your healthcare waste opportunities.
  • You are implementing some form of care management solution, but are having difficulty identifying your high-risk and rising-risk patients to know where to focus your efforts.
  • You have a well-established data and analytics system, but feel you are reaching a limit to what you can do.
  • Past acquisition or mergers have caused integrated reporting challenges across organization silos.
  • You have clinician enthusiasm for using analytics, but they are frustrated by the difficulty or inability to get data, reports, or analytics in a timely or accurate fashion.
  • You have pockets of teams making great progress in data-driven care improvement, but other teams are not able to get support or replicate their success.
  • You have heard a lot of industry buzz about predictive analytics but don’t know where to get started.
  • You have researchers looking to conduct research and track results, but are not able to get the data and reports they need.
  • You are a Health Catalyst client and are looking for ways to accelerate your progress by bringing a broader team together for more intensive in-person training.

What Types Of Organizations And Roles Usually Face These Struggles?

  • C-level executives, physician leaders, nurse leaders, patient safety and quality leaders, IT leaders, analytics leaders, and front-line cross functional teams.
  • These problems can occur in physician groups, single or multi-hospital systems, large hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, small community hospitals, payer networks, ACOs or other types of accountable care or population health initiatives with health organizations.

Who Should Not Attend?

  • Vendors, sponsors, or service providers. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we are not able to accommodate vendors this year.
  • Teams that are so consumed in developing or implementing an EMR that they don’t yet have the bandwidth to give analytics the attention it deserves. An EMR is a critical foundation that is a precursor to but not sufficient for successful analytics.
  • Small clinics or individual physicians not yet focused on systematic, data-driven care improvement. The need for analytics grows exponentially as a practice or health system grows.
  • Large, well-established healthcare systems operating at levels 7 and 8 of the healthcare analytics adoption model. Typically, they are using prescriptive analytics at the point of care to improve patient outcomes, natural language processing, and analytics to support interventional decision support. This summit does not focus directly on those highly advanced analytics capabilities, although we will cover these concepts at a high level.
  • Vendors, sponsors, or consultants trying to sell to attendees. This is a highly educational-oriented experience, not a vendor or sales oriented summit.

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