Session Replays

Keynote Sessions

Opening HAS Video
1 – HAS 17 Welcome and Overview
2 – The Four Eras of Analytics
4 – Changing the Digital Trajectory of Healthcare
17 – Hollywood Squares
19 – The Patient’s Power in Improving Health and Care
20 – The Cost of Healthcare – A Revisionist History
21 – The Population Health Engine

Documentary & Live Show

39 – A Coalition of the Willing
Care Management Show

Case Study Sessions

5 – Using Predictive Analytics and Effective Tools to Drive Down Infections
8 – Designing Hospital Quality Function Around the Value Chain to Improve Population Health
9 – Agile Analytics: The Key to Improving Everything from Surgical Services to Genomic Personalized Medicine
10 – Using Analytics to Drive Standardization and Success in a Fixed Payment / Value-Based World
11 – The Enterprise Data Governance Evolution: Positioning Your Organization at the Cutting Edge of Data Quality Improvement
13 – Delivering the Healthcare Pricing Transparency That Consumers Are Demanding
16 – Dedication to Quality Improvement Delivers on the Triple Aim: Saves Tens of Millions Annually
24 – A Bad Moon on the Rise? How We Raised the Sense of Urgency and Built a Strategy Shift with our Board of Directors
25 – Achieving the Promise of PROMs
26 – One ACO/Integrated Delivery System’s Governance Journey
27 – A Population Health Management Diabetes Case Study
30 – Using Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Lower Systemwide Readmissions
32 – Chronic Disease Management Reduces Readmissions
37 – Getting Operational Leaders on Board to Deliver the Triple Aim
38 – Clinical and Financial Partnership Reduces Denials and Write-offs

Educational Sessions

12 – Machine Learning for Leaders: A Practical Guide to Implementing Machine Learning in Your Organization
14 – A Universal Operating Model for Population Health Management
23 – Yours, Mine, Ours—Provider-Payer Convergence and the Future of Data Analytics
28 – Unleashing Data: The Key to Driving Massive Improvements
31 – Have Data—Need Analysts. Lessons Learned from the Woodworking Industry
33 – Using Predictive Analytics and Real Time Decision Support to Reduce Harm
35 – The Population Health Template: A Roadmap to Drive Successful Health Improvement Initiatives
36 – Perspectives from a CEO and Physician Executives: How Effective Governance Can Drive Sustained Improvements

Technical Sessions

6 – Closed Loop Analytics (EHR Integration): Turning Insights Into Action
15 – How to Use Machine Learning to Improve Outcomes
22 – The Data Operating System: What It Really Means and Why You Will Need It
29 – Supercharge Your Improvement Efforts with Predictive Analytics
34 – How to Advance Beyond ‘Regular Data’ with Text Analytics

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