Video Replays


2 – Why Clinical Quality Should Be Your Core Business Strategy
18 – Jill Hoggard Green, PhD, RN Chief Operating Officer and President, Mission Health
21 – Quality = Strategy
23 – Electronics For The Human Body
39 – Remembering The Future: The Digital Data Empowered Patient

Breakout Sessions

6 – How We Developed an Advanced Analytics Team to Solve Our Strategic Problems (strategy, analyst)
7 – Using Machine Learning and Big Data to Drive Patient Engagement and Better Health Outcomes (analyst, AI)
8 – Real-World Examples Leveraging NLP, Big Data, and Data Science to Improve Population Health and Individual Care Outcomes (AI, technical)
9 – Real Quality: A Recipe for Healthier Patients and Happier Doctors (strategy, innovation)
10 – Integrating Data and Analytics Into Provider Workflows Improves ACO Quality and Financial Performance (operations, financial)
11 – Using Analytics to Increase Cash Flow (financial)
12 – Leveraging Predictive Models to Reduce Readmissions (AI, operations, analyst)
13 – Standardizing the Collection of Social and Economic Risk Data (pop health, strategy)
14 – Using a Real-Time Data Science Platform to Drive Perioperative Quality and Efficiency (analyst, AI, clinical)
15 – Improving Risk Adjustment Coding Accuracy with Analytics (financial, operations)
16 – Detecting, Monitoring, and Preventing Patient Safety Events (clinical, pop health)
17 – Privacy Analytics: A Johns Hopkins Case Study – Using AI to Stop Data Breaches (technical, AI)
24 – How Automating and Virtualizing the Hell Out of Healthcare Is the Only Way to Save It (strategy, innovation)
25 – Toward Proactive, Predictive, and Personalized Care: How Startups Are Using Data Science to Build a Better Future for Healthcare (innovation, AI)
26 – Adding Capacity Without Construction: A Collaboration of Analytics and Frontline Operations (operations, analyst)
27 – Turning Data Analysts into Data Scientists (technical, analyst)
28 – Population Health Innovations Deliver Significant Cost Savings and Improved Health Outcomes (pop health)
29 – Integrating Clinical Improvement and Activity-Based Costing Identifies Pathway to Healthier Moms and Babies (clinical, financial)
30 – Machine Learning Marketplace (new to HAS 18) (AI, innovation)
31 – Analysts Surf the Tsunami of Healthcare Data (analyst, fun)
32 – The Data Maze Game: Navigating the Complexities of Data Governance (strategy, fun)
34 – Transforming Emergency Care with Analytics and Technologies (clinical, operations)
35 – Innovative Analytics: Using Analytics to Evaluate Emerging Technologies (innovation, operations)
36 – Data, Insights, Action! Little-Known Principles and Skills for Making Analytics Actionable (analyst, operations)
37 – Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variation Saves Tens of Millions of Dollars (financial, analyst)
38 – Proactive Patient and Leadership Engagement Delivers an Improved Care Experience (operations, innovation)

What Past Attendees Have to Say

This is the best conference I’ve ever been to in all my years in healthcare…and that’s over 20 years

I can’t imagine a better summit. My brain is buzzing with all these new tools, resources, case studies, and innovative ideas and software. I’ll be back next year, and if next year is as good as this year, you’ll definitely have made a follower for life out of me.

This is by far the best conference I have attended. It was well planned and coordinated. Great job to the team for putting this amazing event together.

Same place, same time next year!! The best conference I’ve attended, fabulous job!

It definitely exceeded my expectations. A lot of conferences I go to, you take a lot information but it doesn’t have a practical application. This is completely different because I feel like I have a lot of information I’m excited about and can apply to my situation.

We talk about value-based care…this is a value-based conference. Considering what other conferences costs, the value I get out of this is tremendous.