Yoshi Williams, MBA

Yoshi Williams is a Data Warehouse Manager and Principal Architect at MultiCare Health Systems, Tacoma, Washington. MultiCare is a non-profit healthcare organization with a strong commitment and mission to “Partnering for healing and a healthy future. Yoshi oversees data architects, developers, and the technical infrastructure of Enterprise Data Warehouse and analytics functions of Performance Analytics department. She has been with MultiCare Health Systems since 2010. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the data analytics and reporting, Yoshi and her team has made significant contributions with the process improvement of large volume of data requests, increased operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction significantly in the past 5 years.

Over 30 years of IT experience including development, systems analysis, system implementation, project management, solution and data architecture, and leadership, Yoshi has 11 years in healthcare, 13 years in manufacturing, 4 years in energy, and 5 years experience in the public sector. Yoshi received her B.A.in Management Information Systems and MBA in Technology Management. She presented the best practices in system integration/implementation & process improvement at multiple SAP Financial international conferences and a Request Intake process improvement best practice at a Health Data Analytics Association national conference.

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