Wasim Malik, PhD

Managing Partner, Iaso Ventures; Director, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Wasim Malik is Managing Partner at Iaso Ventures, the nation’s first health-tech venture capital firm focused exclusively on neuroscience and behavioral health. He is also on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. He sits on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, including the Epilepsy Foundation, Saphetor, Rexo, Mirrored Motion Works, and Arete Innovations. He is closely involved with the entrepreneurial sector, including serving in management roles at Eyologics and Myolex, and as a startup mentor at Creative Destruction Lab and Dreamit Ventures. He is a Steering Committee Member of the IEEE Brain Initiative, the Chair of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society’s Boston Chapter, and faculty at the IMPACT Program. He previously served as Chief Digital Strategist at Roivant Sciences, where he oversaw strategic partnerships and investments across the spectrum of digital health technologies. He received his doctorate in electrical engineering from Oxford and postdoctoral training in computational neuroscience from MIT.

Speaker Sessions

15 – How Real-World Data Can Rescue Clinical Trials and Save Lives (Panel) (Clinical, Life Sciences; Course Level-Beginning)

Every year clinical trials of vital therapies are canceled, not because the therapy isn’t promising but because of issues with trial feasibility or cost. This hurts all stakeholders: patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies. Making trials more cost-effective and feasible means improving the way participants are identified and enrolled while also cutting the time and labor of collecting data. Many researchers say real-world evidence in the form of multiple-source enterprise data warehouse (EDW) data is the answer, but this requires bridging some gaps in interoperability and security. Learn from panel experts who work in all facets of clinical trials in this discussion about the promises and challenges of integrating EDW data into clinical trials.