Strategy consulting, data curation, analysis, modeling, CX, CSAT, NPS, EX, ENPS, and operational scaling. Research/uncover data to improve leadership decisions and outcomes. Former KLAS executive & investment banker

Passionate about helping companies and leadership teams measure, uncover and analyze data to inform decision-making and assisting in aligning leadership teams and companies around common objectives and goals, resulting in improved outcomes. Helping leadership teams understand what components and initiatives move the needle. Trained and experienced in data analysis and data storytelling. Geeks out over excel.

Over the last 7 years, has consulted with and engaged some of the country’s most innovative healthcare companies and leadership teams. Researched some of the top leaders and companies in the country and about what makes a successful company with engaged employees, loyal customers, and happy shareholders.

Early in career had the fortunate opportunity to work for two prestigious investment banks helping them with data modeling, operational efficiencies, and process improvements.

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