Teresita Oaks, MPH

Director Community Health Programs, Parkland Health & Hospital System

Teresita Oaks serves as Parkland’s Director of Community Health Programs and in this role she is responsible for the execution of Parkland’s triennial Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and its implementation plan.

Teresita Oaks has over 20 years of health equity experience, both at the national and international level and has devoted her career to improving the overall health of traditionally underserved individuals and communities. Her initial work in refugees’ camps, in Central America on behalf of the International Red Cross and serving migrant farmworkers in rural Arizona, sparked her interest in social justice and health equity. With the lessons learned in the field, coupled with academia, Teresita instituted Community Based Participatory Research as a vehicle to include community members in all levels of decision making in the Arizona department of Health Services where she served as the strategic planner of a $2B project aimed at reducing 25 year mortality gap for individuals with a serious mental illness diagnosis.

Teresita is also responsible for establishing Aetna Medicaid’s health equity program and in her present role she leads the efforts of the Dallas County CHNA and its Implementation Plan by convening a series of internal and external stakeholders through Collective Impact to work together for common goals. The CHNA serves as the foundation for Dallas County’s COVID 19 testing and vaccination strategies.

Speaker Sessions

17. Health Equity Analytics Outlook – The Journey to Health Equity: How AI-Driven Care Can Help Drive Disparity Out of Care

Level: General Audience
Track: Industry Outlook Speaker
Join Trudy Sullivan as she will facilitate a panel discussion with four leaders who are starting down the journey of using data to identify and address health equity disparities. The panel members include:
  • Dr. Anthony Sanders, Physician – OBGYN, Community Health Network
  • Teresita Oaks, MPH – Director, Community Health Programs, Parkland
  • Alexandra Wroe, Director, Care Coordination, UM & CDI, Queens Medical Center
  • Jason Jones, Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, Health Catalyst

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