Stan Pestotnik, MS, RPh

Vice President, Patient Safety Products, Health Catalyst

Pestotnik is a clinical pharmacist and medical informaticist with over 25 years’ experience in health IT focused on patient safety and infectious diseases.  He is the founding CEO of TheraDoc, Inc., a health care informatics company specializing in real-time clinical surveillance and decision support technology. TheraDoc was acquired by Hospira in December 2009. Prior to TheraDoc he was the Director of LDS Hospital Drug Surveillance and Safety Program for Intermountain Health Care’s Infectious Diseases Informatics Group.

Pestotnik holds four patents in the area of clinical decision support and electronic surveillance. He has authored over 75 peer-reviewed articles on the clinical use of health IT in top-tier publications including JAMA and New England Journal of Medicine. Pestotnik holds both an RpH in pharmacy and an M.S. in medical informatics from the University of Utah.

Pestotnik will lead Health Catalyst’s efforts to reduce patient harm. He will drive innovation to deliver solutions that go beyond identifying and measuring harm, to alerting clinicians early and even predicting harm events before they happen.

Speaker Sessions

33 – Using Predictive Analytics and Real Time Decision Support to Reduce Harm

Patient harm occurs as a result of culture, process, and technology – a sociotechnical problem. Reducing patient harm only happens from an interaction of these three sociotechnical components. The cost of patient harm appears as increased costs, payment reduction penalties, litigation, settlements, and damaged organizational reputation. In this Breakout you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage an enterprise data warehouse and patient safety events data to identify and profile risks of all cause harm.
  • Engage patients and family in vigilance for harm reduction.
  • Measure your culture of safety.
  • Use real time intervention to reduce the severity and frequency of patient harm, and help prevent it in the first place.
  • Leverage learnings from other organizations who identify risk and actively mitigate patient harm to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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