Ryan Smith

Senior Vice President and Executive Advisor, Health Catalyst

Mr. Smith has worked in the field of Healthcare Information Technology for 25 years and serves as SVP and executive advisor at Health Catalyst. He was previously SVP and CIO at Banner Health, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare systems. Prior to Banner Health, he served as the COO of Information Systems at Intermountain Healthcare where he worked for 19 years. He has extensive leadership experience building and implementing customer-focused, differentiated technology solutions aimed at transforming the healthcare industry. Mr. Smith received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and holds an MBA in IT Management. 

Speaker Sessions

26 – How IT Can Leverage Consumer Trends to Get Health Systems on the Modern Digital Playing Field (Strategy, Innovation; Course Level-Intermediate)

Consumers make increasingly more transactions digitally (from planning travel to purchasing groceries), yet healthcare organizations’ digital capabilities lag behind most other consumer-oriented industries. To digitize, providers and the right vendor partners must fully integrate data, technology, and reimagined workflows. Healthcare must address optimal user experience while providing virtual access to all relevant information in an interactive, self-service environment that’s always available, from any device. 

Ryan Smith will share his first-hand experience with the gap between growing digitization in the consumer market and healthcare’s lagging adoption. He’ll offer an analytics adoption strategy to get health systems on the modern digital playing field, with a particular focus on engaging CIOs in digital transformation.