Russell Olsen

VP of Innovation and Product Management, WebPT

Russell Olsen joined Phoenix-based WebPT as Vice President of Innovation and Product Management in 2017. He leads category design, product management, user experience, and product discovery—as well as applying disruptive innovation approaches to accelerate growth while solving customer and market problems. Russell brings with him deep experience in healthcare and growth companies and has delivered innovations impacting millions of lives over the course of his 15-year career.

Prior to WebPT, Russell led product teams at other healthcare organizations. His roles included Vice President of Product and Innovation at Phytel, an IBM company, and Offering leader at IBM Watson Health, where he led the creation of provider-led population health tools and the integration of Watson and machine learning into several offering portfolios. At IBM he also led the development and launch of Watson Care Manager, helping care managers improve the lives of chronically ill individuals across the globe. Additionally, he led teams at MDdatacor (now Symphony Technology Group), uncovering new ways to use natural language processing to improve the payer driven quality programs.

Russell graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in electronics and information technology. He also received a certificate in “Disruptive Strategy” from Harvard Business School in 2017.

Speaker Sessions

Happy, Healthy, and Loyal: Improving Revenue and Health Outcomes with Patient Loyalty Tracking

Most providers understand the value of happy, loyal patients—especially given that a patient’s attitude toward, and relationship with, his or her provider can significantly impact that patient’s treatment outcome. But, how do providers know if patients are actually happy and loyal?

To better understand and improve their patients’ experience, a multi-clinic physical therapy practice used net promoter score (NPS) tracking. In just one year, NPS insights drove an increase in the number of visits per new patient and boosted their initial evaluation conversion rate.

Michelle Babcock, a physical therapist and Chief Experience Officer at Spooner Physical Therapy, and Russell Olsen, VP of Innovation and Product Management for WebPT, will describe how they implemented NPS to identify unhappy patients early and work with them directly to improve their experience. NPS also enabled two key goals: keeping patients engaged in their care, and understanding and leveraging the data to improve revenue by generating referrals and promoting additional services.