Peter Marks, PhD

Peter Marks, PhD, joined WakeMed in 2017 as the VP and CIO. He retired from the US Army after serving for 21 years on active duty. As part of the US Military, he developed a passion for helping the underserved and deployed multiple times to Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of Southwest Asia to support healthcare operations for those in need.

Pete joined the WakeMed team because of the focus on service to the community and servant leadership to the people in and around Wake County, North Carolina. He is honored to be part of the WakeMed team as everyone in the organization is focused on everything they can do to help and support patients and families.

He believes that all organizations should focus on securely sharing health information so patients can receive the best possible care regardless of physical location. He is also focused on the use of population health information to assist in keeping people healthy by understanding the root causes of poor health outcomes that come from environmental factors.

Pete married his high school sweetheart, Tracy, and they have four grown children together.

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