Mike Noke

Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Health Catalyst

Mike Noke is a healthcare information technology leader with over 15 years of experience driving the effective use of strategic corporate data assets.  In both technical and non-technical roles, his experiences include 10+ years of increasing responsibility in developing, implementing, and managing complex technology in rapidly changing environments.  Mike’s experiences range from small start-ups to large multi-national organizations.

Currently, Mike serves as the Senior Vice President, Professional Services at Health Catalyst, an organization based in Salt Lake City, UT focused on improving healthcare outcomes through the use of data and technology.  Prior to Health Catalyst, Mike served as the IS Associate Director of the Enterprise Data Warehouse at Partners Healthcare, a delivery system founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital and includes community and specialty hospitals, a managed care organization, a physician network, community health centers, home care and other health-related entities.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami.  He is also an avid triathlete having recently completed his first Ironman.  Mike lives in Norfolk, MA with his wife and twin sons

Speaker Sessions

32 – The Data Maze Game: Navigating the Complexities of Data Governance (strategy, fun)

Most organizations struggle to turn their data into a strategic asset. They lack the data they need, and often don’t trust the data they have. They struggle to surface meaningful opportunities, quantify the value of those opportunities, and transform insight into action.

In this game-based learning session, your hosts Tom Burton and Mike Noke will help participants learn strategies for improving data literacy, ensuring data quality, and expanding data utilization. Be prepared to have fun in this interactive and collaborative experience, where you’ll discover how investing in a deliberate, principle-based strategy can help you navigate the complexities of data governance and maximize the value of data for outcomes improvement.

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