Michelle Babcock, PT, MSPT

Chief Experience Officer, Spooner Physical Therapy

Michelle Babcock is a physical therapist and the Chief Experience Officer at Spooner Physical Therapy, a Phoenix-based outpatient orthopedic practice with 21 clinics. Michelle believes physical therapists greatly impact our society’s health, are best equipped to manage community musculoskeletal health, and are underutilized as movement specialists by the community and healthcare system. She is passionate about demonstrating this expertise to the community and that is the foundation for her work.

Michelle is a natural people connector and relationship builder, and she strives for excellence personally and professionally. Her work includes leading and influencing therapists along their journey, and she spends much of her time teaching, guiding and mentoring others, especially in the realm of the patient experience. She gets great satisfaction from watching others grow, and seeing them contribute to the profession through their own passion and talents while impacting the health of our community.

Michelle’s own professional journey has allowed her to appreciate each aspect of operating a successful practice. She has worked as a staff therapist for multiple private practices, a Clinic Director at Spooner Physical Therapy, and has grown through her role on the Leadership Team at Spooner.

Michelle holds a BS in Exercise Science from Wake Forest University and MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island. Her personal life is filled with love and fun with her husband and three young children.

Speaker Sessions

16 – Using Net Promotor Score Patient Loyalty Tracking to Improve Health Outcomes and Revenue (Clinical, Financial, Operations; Course Level-Beginning)

A patient’s attitude towards, and relationship with, his or her provider can be a key driver in a positive treatment outcome. But to effectively leverage patient experience, providers must understand patient attitudes and perspectives—a challenging, broad area to measure. As a solution, a multi-clinic physical therapy practice tracked patient loyalty using a net promoter score (NPS). In just one year, NPS insights helped the organization better gauge its patients’ experience; the practice leveraged these insights to inform initiatives that drove an increase in the number of visits per new patient and boosted their initial evaluation conversion rate.

Michelle Babcock, PT, MSPT, a physical therapist and Chief Experience Officer at Spooner Physical Therapy, and Russell Olsen, VP of Innovation and Product Management at WebPT, will describe how they implemented NPS to identify unhappy patients early and work with them directly to improve their experience. NPS also enabled two key goals: keeping patients engaged in their care and understanding and leveraging the data to improve revenue by generating referrals and promoting additional services.