Mette Dyhrberg

CEO, Mymee Inc.

Mette Dyhrberg holds MS in economics and is a certified health coach. An economist turned diagnostician, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of anamnestic data. She’s the founder and CEO of Mymee, a digital therapeutics program rethinking autoimmunity. The Mymee protocol detects triggers to reverse the symptoms of autoimmune disease using data. She first entered the functional medicine arena in an attempt to tackle her own chronic health issues. Mette took matters into her own hands, hacked her own health and soon began helping others do the same: drawing on ideas and methods from Lean, systems thinking, and software engineering, Mymee is built to support iterative health improvement for the individual. As an authority on autoimmune issues, Mette speaks regularly on how we reinvent health care for autoimmune disease.

Speaker Sessions

27 – Panel: The Digitized Patient Experience: How Novel Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Data Will Reshape Your Analytics and Remote Patient Care Programs (Innovation, Life Sciences; Course Level-Intermediate)

Digital Therapeutics (DTx), defined as software-driven evidence-based therapeutic medical interventions, are used increasingly for conditions not well-addressed by mainstream medicine. These therapies collect information on a new frontier: a patient’s moment-by-moment physiological processes, emotions, behaviors, and environment. How should these highly personalized tools be implemented? How should this flood of data be governed and analyzed? How will the increased information affect the provider’s role? A panel of DTx developers will address these questions and more.