Mark Poler, MD

Physician Informaticist for Enterprise Data Strategy, Division of Informatics, Geisinger Health System

Dr. Poler is Vice Chairman of Anesthesiology for the Geisinger Health system, and Physician Informaticist for Enterprise Data Strategy in the system Division of Informatics.

Using and programming computers began with toggle switches and punched paper tape. Real-time physiological data acquisition and experimental control using early laboratory microcomputers, FORTH and assembler programming started in 1979. Subsequently, continuous full-wave real-time multichannel cardiovascular data acquisition used in the cardiac operating room was developed on a NeXT computer in 1988. He has been engaged in acquisition and management of OR scheduling and performance assessment since 1990. He has participated in Epic implementation at Geisinger since the mid-1990s.

Professional activities have included laboratory and clinical research, device integration and interoperability consensus standards committees including the IEEE/ISO 11073 “Medical Information Bus”, development of a programmable neuromuscular transmission monitor, advancing computer-facilitated clinician assistance with closed-loop targeted infusion control and remote control of medical devices.

Dr. Poler has been practicing anesthesiology for 35 years, is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Clinical Informatics. He is also President of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia.

Speaker Sessions

9 – Agile Analytics: The Key to Improving Everything from Surgical Services to Genomic Personalized Medicine

The provision of surgical care is a life-saving intervention that is one of the most complex and expensive of human endeavors. Using Agile methods with advanced analytics, organizations have the potential to bring far greater innovation, value, and quality to data-driven improvement initiatives. Mark Poler, MD, Physician Informaticist for Enterprise Data Strategy, Geisinger Health System, will explore the application of agile analytics to the complex surgical process in pursuit of higher-quality and lower-cost care. He will also illustrate how agile analytics can help organizations prepare for the looming era of genomic-based personalized medicine.

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