Manjit Randhawa

Manjit Randhawa, MD, MPH

Since Dr. Randhawa joined MemorialCare Health System in 2018, he has worked with clinicians and the data science team to develop and implement a population level risk stratification algorithm. The algorithm is based on the overall disease burden of the patient, which categorize patients into high risk, rising risk, and low risk. Dr. Randhawa led the implementation of this algorithm into a CDS that was implemented systemwide in MemorialCare’s Epic EHR system. Since the implementation of this algorithm, multiple interventions have been developed and evaluated for efficacy based on the risk category of the patient. This experience highlights Dr. Randhawa’s knowledge and skills in developing systemwide, population level risk stratification, implementing a systemwide CDS in an existing EHR system, developing interventions based on the outcomes, and evaluating the interventions for efficacy.

Dr. Manjit Randhawa is a healthcare analytics and data scientist with a background in medicine, public health, and population health. His main research interest focuses on improving public health systems with integration of predictive models to address the gaps between public health and healthcare data sharing. Currently, Dr. Randhawa is the Program Director with the NEHA, overseeing the three-year $40 million NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program, which is the organization’s largest grant from the FDA. Previous to this project, Dr. Randhawa managed the $6 million Hurricane Supplemental cooperative agreement with the CDC and ATSDR.

He also serves as the Physician Data Scientist for MemorialCare Health System in Southern California. During his tenure with Loma Linda University (LLU) as the Program Director for the Population Medicine MPH program and Director of Applied and Translational Research, he developed and implemented the strategic priority agenda for both programs. In addition, Dr. Randhawa ran multiple applied and translational research projects in collaboration with internal and external partners. He has also had the opportunity to be a PI, Co-PI, Co-Investigator, and Program Director on several internally and externally (e.g., FDA, CDC, ATSDR, NACCHO, and HRSA) funded grants.

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