Lissy Hu, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, CarePort Health

Dr. Lissy Hu works with leading health systems and accountable care organizations to optimize post-acute care outcomes. She serves as the CEO and Founder of CarePort Health which provides real-time visibility for providers, payers and ACOs into the care that patients receive across care settings so that all providers can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care.
In 2016 CarePort was acquired by Allscripts to extend its breadth as the largest connected acute and post-acute provider network in the industry.
Dr. Hu, an in-demand speaker and thought leader, has previously led sessions at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Harvard Business School, Case Management Society of America, HIMSS Population Health, Medical Group Management Association, Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit, and SXSW among many others.
Dr. Hu and CarePort received a certificate of special congressional recognition for outstanding contribution to Massachusetts. CarePort has been named “10 Boston Healthcare Tech Companies to Watch” by VentureFizz and “Best Patient Relationship Management Solutions” by MedTech. CarePort is a past winner of the Harvard Business Plan Competition.
Dr. Hu is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, where she was a recipient of the Kaplan Life Sciences Award, and holds a bachelor’s degree Summa Cum Laude from Columbia University.

Speaker Sessions

5 – Getting to Data-Driven Population Health Management: Four Innovative Outliers (Panel) (Population Health; Course Level-Advanced)

Few organizations are actively using analytics for population health management (PHM). In this panel, we’ll speak with PHM thought leaders from the “innovative outliers”—health systems, payer groups, and other organizations that are leveraging data and analytics in diverse ways to support transformational improvement in care and costs. Discussion may touch on questions such as:

  • What is your approach to using data and analytics to stratify the right patients for the right interventions?
  • What innovation have you done in the end-of-life care space?
  • How is Medicare different? How do you adjust your interventions for this population?
  • How do you think about payer-provider partnerships? How about provider-industry partnerships? Where have you seen these work well in the PHM space?
  • How have your organizations tackled social determinants of health (SDoH)?
  • Have you used machine learning, or seen creative applications of machine learning, in the PHM space?