Kelly Craig

Chief Strategy & Information Officer, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

As one of the original ten members of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (Camden Coalition), Kelly worked closely with Executive Director, Jeffrey Brenner, M.D., in developing the Camden Coalition’s innovative care management model. This model engages patients with multiple co-morbidities that lead to high utilization of the local healthcare system. Kelly implemented the first managed care contract that lead to Camden Coalition’s current Medicaid Accountable Care work. Additionally, Kelly grew the Camden citywide Care Management Meetings that bring together stakeholders from three competing hospitals around common community barriers and shared patients. The structure she built over five years still meets monthly and serves as an anchor of collaboration within the Camden community.

Prior to coming to Camden Coalition, Kelly worked at Prevention Point Philadelphia, a harm reduction organization. There she coordinated the Street-side Health Project, a mobile medical clinic run solely on volunteer labor in partnership with local medical, nursing and pharmacy schools. Her passion drove her to establish the first low-threshold buprenorphine clinic in the area, giving access to individuals experiencing homelessness and opioid addiction. These programs are still thriving in Philadelphia. Currently, Kelly is focused on supporting the design, development, and expansion of a variety of population health initiatives taking place at Camden Coalition. Some current initiatives include overseeing our citywide 7-day pledge campaign, which focuses on getting patients into primary care within 7 days of a hospital visit. She is also working with community partners to advance the first regional Housing First program, a low-threshold model that provides housing and supportive services to the most medically fragile patients within Camden.

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