Justin Aronson

Sophomore in High School and Founder of variantexplorer.org

Justin Aronson is the founder of variantexplorer.org, a data democratization advocate, and a 10th grade high school student. Justin believes strongly that decisions made by the stewards of data today will profoundly affect the evolution of society as a whole. He advocates for individuals, organizations, and corporations to take courageous stands to open data, thereby empowering his generation to begin attacking the tremendous challenges they will face.  Justin himself has been the beneficiary of data altruism.  The VariantExplorer.com website is entirely based on genetic variant interpretation data donated by laboratories around the world to ClinVar, who openly publishes the data. VariantExplorer displays the frequency of genetic variant classification conflicts across laboratories. Justin is now exploring how these data can be repackaged in a way that make it easier to incorporate genetic interpretation data into machine learning projects.