Julius Bogdan

Director of Analytics and Data Innovation, SCL Health

Julius Bogdan is the Director of Analytics and Data Innovation at SCL Health where he built an organization from scratch to architect and implement a modern healthcare data strategy and platform.  He believes that the power to drive innovation comes from the symbiotic relationship between business and technology and has the credentials, experience and vision to bring it to life.  After a successful career at Microsoft, Julius became personally interested in the human benefit of technology to improve healthcare management.  His mission is to build a culture of trust and shared interest in data and technology’s role in improving clinical and financial outcomes, and to increase the capacity for making data-driven decisions in healthcare.  Julius presents at conferences all over the world about utilizing modern architectures and design paradigms focusing on data’s role in validating strategic decisions in Healthcare.

Speaker Sessions

Building a Modern Healthcare Data Platform

With digitization through the advent of the EMR and other systems, healthcare has become an extremely data-rich environment. Historically we have relied on a multitude of disjointed vendors to supply rudimentary analytics on our data. How do you integrate all of your systems (EMR, ERP, Time and Attendance, SaaS providers, etc.) into a platform that really enables analytics and so much more? Learn how to leverage a modern data platform in healthcare to shift the focus from transnational systems and applications to a patient, outcomes, or population focus.

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