John Wadsworth

Senior Vice President of Client Engagement, Health Catalyst

John joined Health Catalyst in September 2011 as a senior data architect. Prior to Health Catalyst, he worked for Intermountain Healthcare and for ARUP Laboratories as a data architect. John has a Master of Science degree in biomedical informatics from the University of Utah, School of Medicine.

Speaker Sessions

31 – Analysts Surf the Tsunami of Healthcare Data (analyst, fun)

Good surfers are the consummate analysts. They dynamically process streams of seemingly unrelated information bypassing lesser opportunities, then surgically select the perfect wave.

The ability to tease out genuine opportunities amidst a tumult of noise is a hallmark of great analysts. In this session, John will:

  • Explore the human elements of a great analyst.
  • Re-frame the role of technology in analysis.
  • Highlight healthcare knowledge required to maximize the value of the healthcare analyst.

John has presented every year at the Healthcare Analytic Summit. His sessions fill up fast because attendees consistently rate his session as a conference highlight. His engaging presentation style leverages simple and fun analogies to galvanize key concepts for technical, clinical, and executive audiences alike. This year, he brings principles from the world of surfing and applies them to healthcare analytics.

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