John Wadsworth, MS

Senior Vice President, Client Engagement, Health Catalyst

John joined Health Catalyst in September 2011 as a senior data architect. Prior to Health Catalyst, he worked for Intermountain Healthcare and for ARUP Laboratories as a data architect. John has a Master of Science degree in biomedical informatics from the University of Utah, School of Medicine.

Speaker Sessions

Raising Your Data Team’s Capabilities: A Key Strategy to Optimizing Data Ecosystems

In today’s value-based care environment, with shrinking operational margins, it is critical for health systems to achieve an ROI from its improvement projects. Investing in a data ecosystem doesn’t guarantee an organization’s ability to improve care delivery and lower costs. Organizations need data analysts and data architects with the right skills to maximize its data ecosystem. This Breakout will discuss the six needful data architect and data analysts skills: structured query language; export, transform, and load (ETL); data modeling; data analysis; business intelligence (BI) reporting; telling the story of the visualizations.

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