Jennifer Jones-McMeans, PhD

Jennifer Jones-McMeans, PhD, is the Divisional Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs for Abbott’s Vascular business based in Santa Clara, California. Since joining Abbott as a clinical research scientist more than 14 years ago, Jennifer has worked on gaining approval of numerous vascular devices, in the USA and around the world. Through her work, Jennifer has become one of the leading experts in clinical trial design strategy for vascular devices.

Jennifer’s journey began while working on her PhD at the University of Maryland, College Park, where her early research focused on evaluating the differences in genes and biomarkers between African Americans and Caucasians who were pre-hypertensive when they were put on an exercise regimen. As a post-doctoral fellow in the Division of Hypertension at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center focused on clinical trials evaluating anti-hypertensive therapies, Jennifer also worked on the Barbershop Hypertension Program, training barbers to measure the blood pressure of their male customers and connecting those with high blood pressure with trusted contacts in the healthcare community.

Following the completion of her post-doctoral fellowship, she chose to take her experience and knowledge to Abbott, where she felt she could have a meaningful impact on the products and devices designed and developed to help millions of people around the world. Jennifer is taking a proactive approach to the design and implementation of clinical trials. In the spirit of continuous improvement, her goal is to make clinical trials more equitable, accessible and inclusive of diverse patient populations so that participants in clinical trials more accurately reflect those burdened with vascular diseases.

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