Dave Jackson, MBA

Chief Technology Officer, Airdrie & Area Health Co-op

Dave is the Director of Digital Operations for the Airdrie & Area Health Co-op (AAHC). AAHC is a community-wide initiative which aims to empower individuals, providers, and organizations to “Our Your Own Health”, with the goal of becoming Canada’s Healthiest Community.  Dave is responsible for developing a digital strategy for a digital health ecosystem through a connection of systems ranging from health & healthcare providers, municipal, government, schools, and local businesses.  AAHC is part of a full community effort recognizing that in order to truly affect health, it needs to be a group effort with the individual at the center.

Prior to working with AAHC, Dave has spent time with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) working on end-user focussed systems to connect and utilize data from disparate data sources.  He was also the first data manager for the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN), which extracted and utilized data from over 15 different Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) across Canada.

Speaker Sessions

28 – Population Health Innovations Deliver Significant Cost Savings and Improved Health Outcomes (pop health)

Crowfoot Village Family Practice (CVFP), a medical home to over 25,000 people in Calgary, Alberta, and the Airdrie & Area Health Cooperative (AAHC), an organization serving the city of Airdrie and surrounding areas, will share their population health innovations. Discover how CVFP’s leadership, vision, and values-driven culture resulted in population-based quality improvements: same day access (reduced wait times from 15 to zero days); an estimated $6M in cost savings associated with reduced emergency department usage and hospital length of stay; and improved health outcomes. And, learn how AAHC’s “Smart Healthy Community Project” is expanding beyond just the medical home to the entire community—the municipality, physicians, businesses, schools, churches, and other community organizations. AAHC will discuss how it will leverage and connect its existing infrastructure, and add new technologies and applications to create an open data platform for the community.

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