Cy Hendricks

Senior Analytics Director, Health Catalyst

Cy Hendricks joined Health Catalyst in 2013 and currently serves as a senior analytics director. In this role, Cy partners with clients to develop and deploy technical strategies that will lead them to outcomes improvements. This work requires many skills and traits to help teams successfully deploy a new EDW and analytics platform. Some of these skills include being able to articulate clear knowledge transfer so clients can sustain their outcomes and knowing how to train users how to best to use the tools that come with an enterprise data warehouse and an analytics platform. As a trainer, Cy has taught many people, including client teams and Health Catalyst team members. Cy has also been a guest instructor for various education forums.

Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Cy worked as a marketing and finance analyst. In this role, he helped redefine the use of analytics by implementing a near real-time feedback loop to determine the effectiveness of media avenues to take advantage of previously missed opportunities. This experience provided Cy with the unique insight into how patient care can be improved with analytics that are more actionable for both the provider and patient.

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