Cindy Poiencot, RN

Cindy Poiencot is the Director of Quality Improvement at Thibodaux Regional Health System. Cindy joined Thibodaux Regional in 1991 and graduated from Nicholls State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1995. During her tenure at Thibodaux Regional, Cindy has also worked in Critical Care as a frontline manager and has led the Quality Resource Management Department. As the Director of Quality Resource Management Cindy led the Case Management, Infection Prevention, Risk Management, and Quality Reporting departments. In this role, she assisted in the implementation of the Care Coordination program aimed at preventing readmissions of the Medicaid patient population. This included assisting the health system with the implementation of care coordination software.

She has served on the Hand Hygiene Team and the Hospital Acquired Infection Care Transformation Teams, Revenue Cycle, Managed Care, and various process improvement teams. Cindy is an active member of the Infection Prevention Committee, The Patient Safety Committee, and Service Excellence Teams. She served as a Thibodaux Regional Project Leader for the implementation of Change Healthcare’s InterQual Review Manager and MCG’s Indicia clinical review software, and as a core team leader for the implementation of the Case Management and Quality Applications of Meditech’s Expanse EHR. In 2021 Cindy became the Director of Quality Improvement.

She is trained in Lean, Change Acceleration Process, and Project Management Discipline. As a trained Lean facilitator, she has participated in and led various process improvement projects. Most recently she has worked with the health system’s clinics on improving patient access and with the Cancer Institute of Thibodaux Regional on improving patient flow. She has assisted the health system with the implementation of care management ambulatory analytics applications. She also leads clinical care transformation teams focused on the Triple Aim of improving the quality of care, reducing the cost of providing care, and creating a great patient experience.

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