Anita Pramoda

Co-Founder and CEO, Owned Outcomes, Inc.

Anita Pramoda is the founder and CEO of Owned Outcomes, Inc. – a software company that enables data-driven decision making for healthcare providers and payors as they seek financial sustainability alongside clinical outcomes in patient care.

She also serves as an Executive Advisor to Technology Crossover Ventures and on the boards at Dupage Medical Group, Health Catalyst, and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (Los Angeles). She previously served as the CFO of Epic Systems Corporation and as a board member at Allscripts. Ms. Pramoda holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Speaker Sessions

21 – Virtual Reality: Enabling a Pain Free Reality, without Opioids

Harvard Medtech is an innovative Digital Health company that is pioneering new approaches to chronic pain management, in lieu of using opioids. The company has put together a comprehensive Bio-Psycho-Social program, anchored by utilizing Virtual Reality for its analgesic properties, that is a healthier, more holistic approach than using addictive pharmaceuticals. The company’s program is successfully helping newly injured patients avoid or minimize the need for addictive opioids. For patients already opioid dependent, it can successfully help motivated patients wean off of opioids altogether, or at least reduce their usage to clinically manageable levels.