Angela E. Cromlich, MSN, RN-BC

Angela Cromlich, MSN, RN-BC is a Clinical Analyst at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis. She has over 20 years’ experience as a clinical nurse and has worked in both Canada and the United States. Her areas of expertise include pediatric and neonatal care with specialization in oncology, cardiac, ECMO, and intensive care. She is currently member of IU Health’s Interoperability Team; helping to build, maintain and support solutions that enhance the patient experience and promote clinical outcomes. Angela has a passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge in the field of health information technology to improve the quality of care to patients and populations. She has been invited to speak to clients both nationally and internationally to support the implementation of systems she has become an expert in. Her goals include continuing to provide the best care for each patient by enhancing health information technology through innovation.

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