Allan Frankel, MD

Managing Partner, Safe and Reliable Healthcare

In 1985 I finished an Anesthesia residency to embark on a journey in clinical care. Subsequently, many in healthcare became acutely concerned that the complexity of care combined with human fallibility created unacceptable risk, and I happened to be in the forefront of that awakening. My focus on taking care of one patient at a time became an intense interest in improving the reliability of care for many. This work has taken me to health systems worldwide, in the UK, the USA, in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand. I have worked in The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Partners Healthcare in Boston, and with many exceptional individuals. Michael Leonard and I have studied and identified the essential components of great organizational and clinical leaders and selected and simplified the exceptionally important elements of teamwork. We have also had great success in putting into place the practical tools necessary to engender dignity and respect in pursuit of continuous improvement. In institutions small and large, we have built a new generation of learning environments capable of coping with complexity and unending demands. We have achieved positive cultural and clinical change and documented them in 3 books and numerous academic journals. We plan to build on our experience and continuously apply what we have learned – in service to patients and the extraordinary people who care for them everyday.

Speaker Sessions

28 – The Application of Clinical and Cultural Data: Delivering Safe, Optimal Care (Clinical; Course Level-Beginning)

Healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on the delivery of high-quality healthcare in service of sustainable clinical value, while also reducing avoidable patient harm. To be successful in this endeavor, organizations need an effective framework and valid cultural tools to provide insights, drive visible and measurable change, and create sustainable value. In this session, practical tools and insights will be provided that can be effectively applied within any healthcare organization.