31 – What You Can Learn from 100 Days of Rejection

Jia Jiang

Top Inspirational and Emotional Intelligence Speaker

Sep 15, 2022

Data-driven analytics can require tenacity, especially when faced with the inevitable failure of data, analytics, or interventions to make a positive impact.  Or when recommendations are rejected by leaders or teams. 

The fear of rejection can hold you back. Our natural tendency is to avoid it at all costs which can be detrimental to our businesses, careers, and lives. In 2012, to overcome his own fear of rejection, entrepreneur Jia Jiang started an experiment to be rejected every day for 100 days. The result became the basis of his #3 viewed TED talk of 2017 and bestselling book: Rejection Proof. In this engaging presentation, Jia shares stories from his rejection experiment to teach you the importance of becoming rejection-proof, the basic principles of turning a NO into YES, as well as how to get more YESes.

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