From Real-World Data to Digital Twins: Paving the Way for Personalized Healthcare

Knowledge in healthcare is rising at unprecedented speed, soon by a factor of two – in less than a month. Better understanding of disease evolution, new diagnostic tools such as molecular testing and advances in treatment options have shown that this continuous growth of knowledge is the foundation for personalized healthcare.

On the other hand, this growth of knowledge creates also complexity at such a level, that its use for decision making – in both research and clinical care – requires more and more the use of digital tools. Moreover, vast amounts of clinical trial and real-world data is being generated across institutions and geographies that could provide appropriate scale to gain actionable insights for decision support tools.

Prof. Okan Ekinci, Chief Medical Officer for Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions, will provide insights on how life science is evolving to address personalized healthcare, using examples from Roche. He will discuss how data-driven Clinical Decision Support Solutions evolve and help healthcare institutions in their digitization effort to ultimately improve patient outcomes as well as clinician satisfaction – at an increased level of efficiency and quality.