Sustaining Outcomes Improvement for Patients with Heart Failure

In the U.S. >1M patients are hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of HF. Readmission rates following HF hospitalization are high, with ≥50% of patients readmitted to the hospital within 6 months. University of Kansas Health System has a dedicated team focused on improving outcomes and reducing readmissions for these patients. By focusing efforts on key process measures and the discharge process, the health system sustained and increased improvement on outcomes every year since 2014.


  • 4% relative reduction in readmission rate.
  • 8% relative reduction in mortality, with a 62% increase in case mix index.
  • 4% relative increase in number of patients with a follow-up appointment in 7 days.
  • Threefold increase in follow-up contact within 72 hours.

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