Rethinking AI for Healthcare Leaders: Surprising New Ways of Incorporating AI into Strategic Decision Making

Jason Jones

Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, Health Catalyst


Come to this session to be introduced to a whole generation of new questions and use cases for AI. During his keynote, Jason Jones showed how AI could result in more correct and consistent answers for typical AI use cases like predicting readmissions—and surprising use cases like compensation, scheduling, and site selection. In fact, a wealth of new AI use cases beyond predictive analytics could literally change strategic leadership healthcare decision making if used appropriately.

Now it’s time to delve deeper and practice what you’ve learned. In this interactive session, groups will discuss three examples that illustrate how to incorporate AI into strategic decision making:

  • Executive: Variable compensation document prep for the board
  • Quality and operations: Health equity staff shifting
  • Innovation: Site selection improvement strategy

Join this session to:

  • Identify a range of new AI uses cases for healthcare leaders making strategic business decisions
  • Identify what questions you should ask and answer with AI to solve a specific healthcare problem
  • Identify tactics for using your answer to drive change

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