38 – Proactive Patient and Leadership Engagement Delivers an Improved Care Experience (operations, innovation)

For many years, US healthcare has focused on the volume of services rendered rather than the quality of care. As a result, patients often felt as if they lacked a voice in the process, resulting in a poor patient experience. Ignoring patient experience puts health systems in peril, given the level of today’s social media and consumer transparency. Increasingly, patients are more willing to share their experiences and readily compare healthcare provider quality outcomes and costs, especially when they are negative. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, like other large, complex healthcare organizations, discovered that many times, patients’ voices were lost. To collect and analyze the necessary data to gain actionable insights for improving patients’ experiences, UPMC developed innovative technology and processes to proactively engage with patients and employees.  Leaders are using this technology to engage frontline staff and patients and drive system-wide culture change. Come listen and learn about how UPMC is achieving improved patient experience and improved employee engagement.