2 Days of What You Need to Get Started with Analysis in R and Healthcare Machine Learning

Ever wanted to participate in the machine learning conversation but weren’t quite sure where to start? Need help going from theoretical conversations to boots-on-the ground action? In this hands-on, 2-day workshop, you’ll learn how to get started. Walk in ready to learn, and you’ll leave with the knowledge necessary to be able to deploy a model that you’ve created! Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

Healthcare data analysis in R
(Day 1)

  • Install packages in RStudio
  • Tell a data story with a notebook
  • Load data from common sources
  • Profile your data
  • Create visualizations
  • Do statistics
  • Keep building skills after you leave

Healthcare Machine learning
(Day 2)

  • Pick a ML use case with high ROI
  • Prepare the data
  • Develop a model
  • Deploy into production
  • Visualize the predictions
  • Check in and retrain the model

Who should attend: This session has been designed for analysts, data scientists, and data architects.

What to bring: To participate in the in-class activities, you will need a laptop. Any operating system is fine as long as you have the ability to install programs (specifically R and RStudio) and you have the space to load data sets (<10MB).

Prerequisites: This course assumes a working knowledge of basic statistical concepts (mean, medians) and experience working with tabular data (in Excel or SQL).

Notes: Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.

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