10 – Augmented Intelligence and a Physician-Forward Strategy Improve Quality Metrics and Transform Clinical Documentation

Kory Anderson, MD, CHCQM, FACP

Medical Director of Physician Advisor Services, CDI, Intermountain Healthcare

Kearstin Jorgenson, MS, CPC, COC

Physician Advisor Operations Director, Intermountain Healthcare

Sep 14, 2022

Clinical documentation integrity (CDI) programs help ensure that patient stories are fully documented, leading to appropriate reimbursement and improved quality measure performance. Traditional methods rely on retrospective queries, resulting in re-work as physicians must revisit patient records to respond. Physicians and CDI teams are invested in creating a complete, accurate patient record. Still, workflows are often misaligned, leading to inefficiencies and documentation gaps negatively impacting hospital quality measurement and reimbursement. Intermountain Healthcare will share how deploying augmented intelligence (AI) to connect siloed physician and CDI workflows transformed CDI efforts. AI delivers clinical insights to physicians as they document. CDI efforts are now focused on quality and building a patient-centric, physician-led CDI strategy, improving quality and financial performance, and generating efficiencies that free up CDI specialists to focus on other complex quality and mortality reviews.

Join this session and learn how to:

  • Describe strategies for addressing physician/CDI silos with a physician-led approach.
  • Explain successful approaches for aligning physician and CDI workflows to improve quality metrics and financial measures.
  • Apply physician-forward practices for implementing physician-supportive augmented intelligence solutions.

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