25 – Achieving Health Equity: Measuring and Managing Disparities With Machine Learning

Wei Liu, PhD, PMP

Senior Data Scientist, ChristianaCare

Yuchen Zhang, MS

Data Scientist, ChristianaCare

Sep 15, 2022

As gaps in health grow larger and more persistent across the nation, health equity becomes a critical challenge faced by healthcare organizations. This year, ChristianaCare launched multiple initiatives focusing on health equity and closing the gaps between different racial groups. To better support the initiatives, ChristianaCare developed a platform to quantify, visualize, and interpret the current state of health equity on multiple health outcomes using machine learning algorithms.

Join this session to discover how to support your organization’s health equity initiatives by:

  • Designing a scalable and flexible data architecture that includes machine learning.
  • Architecting data processing workflows.
  • Building user-centered visualizations designs optimized for interpretations and usability.

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