18 – We Count Our Successes in Lives Improved: Turning Information Into Actions That Matter

Kedar Mate

Kedar Mate, MD

President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Brent James

Brent James, MD, MStat

Clinical Professor, Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC), Department of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

Sep 14, 2022

Modern health care delivery can make a real difference to saving or improving lives.  Often, however, those with the greatest needs, and the largest potential gains, have been beyond our reach.  We have come to see differences as entrenched and inevitable.  The last several years has seen a growing conversation about the importance of health equity.  The real challenge, though, is transforming those “grand ideas” into actual change and real, measured, results.  This conversation will be a step in that direction – how to start the journey from data and analytics toward achieving the biggest impacts for those with the greatest healthcare needs.

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