6 – The State of the Union in 2022: Guideposts for Strategically Reshaping the Industry

Ford Koles, Jr.

Vice President and National Spokesperson, Advisory Board

Sep 14, 2022

The healthcare industry right now is facing an increasingly tough business climate, dominated by increasing costs and prices, tightening margins and capital, and staffing upheaval. The array of urgent, disruptive market forces today means that leaders must navigate an unusually high number of short-term crises and opportunities. These pressures are easily distracting: for some, they are overwhelming, while they tempt others into overambitious initiatives. Leaders’ strategic choices now will have an outsized impact—positive or negative—on their trajectory toward long-term goals. 

Specifically, we’ll focus the discussion on:

The disruptive market forces shaping the entire industry’s business environment for most healthcare organizations, including:

  • The workforce crisis driving a realignment of staffing across the industry.
  • The insurance coverage swings poised to continue dramatic shifting.
  • The growing creation of vertical ecosystems with provider, plan, pharmacy, technology, and retail assets. 
  • The tumultuous innovation investment capital flows into science and technology.

The strategic decision guideposts represent where leaders have the greatest agency to influence the future in multiple directions, including:

  • How far the health equity business mandate will reach.
  • Which commercial cost drivers the industry will target through value-based payment.
  • Who will influence how physician partnership shifts patient volumes.
  • What level of consumer navigation choices will be the most effective to curate.
  • The business goals that will drive why organizations prioritize telehealth innovation.
  • Where most of the industry will position their home-based care strategy.

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