A Single Drop: How Data Powers Full-Stack Healthcare

Crossover Health is leveraging multiple diverse data streams to create a large data lake that powers next-generation primary care. Moving from a reactive, visit-based, sick care model to a proactive and predictive care model built for the digital health era, Crossover Health partners with activist employers to produce industry-leading ROI, clinical outcomes, and a truly differentiated member experience.

Today, nearly a quarter of a million people are experiencing Crossover’s immersive care model with no barriers. The organization’s transformative tech-enabled care platform promises to continue to grow that number.

Dr. Scott Shreeve, Founder and CEO for Crossover Health will draw on his experience working with the nation’s largest and most progressive health activist employers, who use Crossover Health’s data-enabled approach to drive clinical and cost outcomes. Prior to founding Crossover Health, Dr. Shreeve co-founded Medsphere, the first open source electronic health record for the health enterprise. His popular Crossover Health blog discusses new technologies and care models which are transforming the healthcare industry.