36 – How to Use AI to Improve Leadership Decisions and Motivate Change

Julie Watson, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, INTEGRIS Health

Jason Jones, PhD

Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, General Manager of Data and Analytics Platform, Health Catalyst

Sep 15, 2022

With “healthcare” and “AI” in a sentence, most people immediately think of point of care decisions or predictive models such as identifying which patient is more likely to be readmitted. But have you considered using AI to establish executive compensation and other operational decisions? Learn how INTEGRIS Health, ranked as one of the top 25 healthcare systems in the U.S., uses augmented intelligence to enable leaders to improve their decisions, align the organization, and motivate change.

Join this session to discover:

  • How AI can be applied in leadership decision-making to transform the organization.
  • How to use AI in a way that makes human judgment and value more important, not less.
  • How to demonstrate actual, achievable improvement in a transparent and reproducible way that motivates change.

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