30 – Creating Your Business Case for Integrated Data and Analytics: Learning From our Multi-Year Journey

Chris Harper, CHCIO, MBAi, MPM

Joint Chief Information Officer, The University of Kansas Health System and KU Medical Center

Sep 15, 2022

Most healthcare organizations have a defined data and analytics strategy. Some are just getting started, and others have been on the journey for more than a few years. Are you where you want to be in achieving your mission and objectives? If not, do you know why, or what to do about it? The University of Kansas Health System (UKHS) has been on an analytics journey for seven years, starting with the business case Chris Harper, CIO, developed for why an integrated data and analytics platform was required. Learn about UKHS’ ups and downs and what they’ve found that works—including UKHS’ 7-year benefit-cost analysis, pitfalls to avoid, and what the organization will focus on for the next 5-10 years.

Join this session to learn:

  • The importance of developing a business case for an enterprise data and analytics platform investment.
  • Why organizations need an integrated data and analytics strategy technology stack, including why/how/what EHR data is integrated to drive organization-wide improvement initiatives.
  • Strategies for successfully changing technology, people, and processes to achieve tens of millions of tangible clinical, financial, and operational improvements.

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