28 – Creating Cultural Contagion Within Your Health System

Marcus Collins, DBA, MBA

Top Booked Speaker, DE&I Thought Leader; Head of Strategy, Wieden+Kennedy

Sep 15, 2022

The best data-driven insights don’t matter and don’t affect behavior unless they are communicated broadly and appropriately.  In today’s hyper-connected world, the allure of “going viral” continues to seduce idea-generators into investing significant time and resources toward the creation of content – videos, memes, tweets, posts, etc. – that spreads. Though there are benefits to “going viral,” one must wonder if virality is truly what we’re after or if perhaps there is something far greater worth pursuing. This session reframes the benefits of “going viral” and provides an alternative aim. It explores the impact of culture on consumer behavior and offers an actionable framework that enables you to create ideas/messages/products/content that not only spread but also take hold in the culture of your health system.

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