Become a Visualization Hero by Turning Data into Actionable Stories

You spend your days turning heaps of healthcare data into graphs and dashboards. But do your users really “get” the power of those visualizations? Do they really “get” the story you’re telling them? And does that story stick in ways that compel meaningful improvements for your organization?

In this hands-on, all-day workshop, you’ll take your visualization skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to turn your data into actionable stories from experts like Curtis Harris, Tableau’s 2016 #IronViz champion, and Andrew Frueh, director of user experience at Health Catalyst.

This won’t be a traditional sit-and-take-notes-from-an-instructor type of class, though. You’ll have plenty of time to apply what you learned by using healthcare data in real-life scenarios—all in a group setting where you can ask peers and experts any questions that come up. Through a mix of conversation and directed discovery with a low student to trainer ratio, we’ll cover topics including:

  • Finding the stories waiting in a data set
  • How our brain perceives data visualization
  • Design guidelines for well-executed, beautiful charts
  • Establishing context, and using it to craft the most effective dataviz for your audience
  • Using dataviz to address real-world scenarios within healthcare analytics

Who should attend: This session has been designed for anyone who’s responsible for making visualizations out of heaps of healthcare data.

What to bring: Bring a laptop that has QlikView, Tableau, or Excel installed; it will be required for in-class activities. A personal edition of QlikView or a trial version of Tableau is fine. Further instructions regarding device setup will be distributed prior to class.

Prerequisites: This course assumes a working knowledge of a visualization tool, such as QlikView, Tableau, or Excel.

Notes: Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.

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