Addressing the Super-Utilizer Patient Challenge

The top 5% of patients—sometimes referred to as “hotspotters”—account for more than 50% of total healthcare costs in the U.S. Intermountain’s quantitative assessment, initiated in 2011, identified hotspotters to engage patients in their own care and provide higher quality of care at lower cost. The session will delve into what Intermountain learned during their journey as an integrated delivery system as they initiated three interventions across five geographies. The session also summarizes the quantitative and qualitative outcomes of the interventions, such as reduction in utilization.

This session will enable users to:

  • Define “hotspotting” and how it can impact a healthcare system’s outcomes
  • Identify specific tactics for initiating hotspotting in an integrated healthcare system
  • Review patient feedback and patient engagement in their care
  • Review lessons learned

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