29 – “We’re #1”- The National Ranking Game: Another Exciting Tom Burton Interactive Game Session

Tom Burton

Co-founder and Strategic Advisor, Health Catalyst

Sep 15, 2022

Don’t miss this engaging 2-hour game-based session with Tom Burton, Co-founder and Chief Fun Officer of Health Catalyst. This year Tom will tackle the many challenges of improving national hospital ranking strategies, as many boards increase pressure on healthcare executive teams to do better on these highly visible ranking systems. Tom and his team have built an interactive game to explore various strategic approaches to these challenges. 

Join us in this session to find out:

  • The impact of national hospital rankings on quality, market share, and recruitment.
  • The best strategies for health systems to increase value to the communities they serve.
  • How to best improve perceptions with BOTH the communities you serve AND the Health System’s board of directors.

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