Panning for Gold in the EDW River

You know the pattern—a request comes in; a report goes out. But is there more you can be doing along each step of the way to increase performance, accuracy, and understanding? In this all-day workshop, we’ll follow the path from creating a self-service layer though validating insights gained from analysis of it.

Your instructors will include Health Catalyst Senior Analytic Directors Cy Hendricks and Matt Unwin, who along with other experts, will teach you:

  • The pros and cons of modeling healthcare data in several common data warehouse models
  • Best practices for creating reporting views and how to set them up for successful use long term
  • Why data profiling is such an important part of data provisioning and some best practices for doing it quickly using Excel and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Fast ways for finding insights in a data set using Excel
  • Why shooting for 100% accuracy during validation may be a waste of time

Along the way, we’ll share best practice and stories from the field where small improvements made big differences. Plan on an engaging day filled with opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, work on problems together, and learn from experts. You’ll grow and fine-tune your technical skills and explore how you might apply these skills to improve care, reduce costs, and save lives.

Who should attend: This session has been designed for healthcare data analysts, data architects, and data engineers.

What to bring: Bring a laptop that has Excel and SSMS installed; it will be required for in-class activities. Further instructions regarding device setup will be distributed prior to class.

Prerequisites: This course assumes you have a working knowledge of SQL, SSMS, and Excel.

Notes: Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.

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