Navigating Disruption: A Roadmap for Purposeful Leadership

The most effective leaders are those who intentionally hone their natural traits while purposefully developing attributes to design an environment for organizations to adopt and create change. The circumstances may be easier or the path more natural for some, but the best leaders are intentionally developed. Drawing on nearly four decades as a champion of change in military medicine, Dr. Raquel Bono shares her own stories of leadership from the battlefield to the boardroom – illustrating why leadership is more than a job or a collateral responsibility, it’s who you are. Dr. Bono, who has studied and practiced the discipline, art and science of leadership, discusses her philosophy for making purposeful decisions, and why it often takes being pushed to the edge of your comfort zone to recognize where conventional thinking needs transformation and redesign.  Attendees inside and outside of healthcare and the military will learn from – and be inspired by – Dr. Bono’s leadership insights from the frontline. From organizational shifts and culture changes to the structures, systems and strategies required to make institutions more effective, she encourages you to think differently about what it takes to lead, both in times of peace and conflict.

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