"The conference is amazing! I really enjoy how the conference improves over time as healthcare gets more advanced."

Respond, Recover, Reimagine… Health Catalyst is doing the same in a COVID-19 world. For all of its heartbreaking tragedies, COVID-19 is also driving changes that will benefit the world and humanity. Social distancing aside, our ability to interact with one another through virtual video settings avoids the constraints and environmental impact of physical travel, along with time efficiencies and financial savings.

We are excited to embrace the adventure and challenge of these changes by reimagining the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) 2020 as a virtual format that will be unlike any online conference you’ve attended before. HAS 20 Virtual will feature speakers who’ve battled COVID-19 in the trenches as well as other speakers adjusting and planning for the new normal we are all anticipating. HAS 20 Virtual will keep the high standards and unique elements you’ve come to expect during HAS, from world-class keynote speakers to the individual connections of the Analytics Walkabout.

Industry-Leading Keynote Sessions

HAS 20 Virtual will showcase well-known visionaries and C-level executives from leading healthcare organizations. Key highlights include:

Eric Topol, MD, author, AI expert and healthcare futurist, will share his always insightful perspective on the impact of COVID-19 and our data-driven world.

Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono, MD, former CEO and director of the U.S. Defense Health Agency and head of Washington state’s COVID-19 healthcare response team, will share her thoughts and experiences in being on the front line of the earlier COVID affected region.

Ari Robicsek, MD, chief medical analytics officer, Providence St. Joseph Health and a specialist in infectious diseases, will share how they quickly mobilized data to prepare and synthesize information about COVID-19 patients throughout their system.

Yonatan Adiri, CEO and founder, Healthy.IO, former CTO to Israeli President Shimon Peres, will share innovations and new uses for smartphones in his keynote address: “The Era of the Medical Selfie.”


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Breakout Sessions

We will feature 16 Breakout sessions covering a wide perspective of analytics use cases and case studies featuring systems and experts sharing example of all phases of COVID-19 impact:

  • Stage 1 – Preparation Case Studies
  • Stage 2 – Responding Case Studies
  • Stage 3 – Recovery Case Studies
  • Stage 4 – Planning For The Future Case Studies

Educational breakout session topics include:

  • A National Analytics Strategy: Closing the Gaps in Patient Data to Reduce Exposure During A Pandemic
  • Beginning a Predictive Analytics Journey: Choosing the Right Use Cases for Success
  • Capacity Planning using Predictive Analytics
  • Care Management and Practice Management: ACO Saves More Than $11M
  • Data Quality: The Bane of Every Analytics Project
  • Data Science Maturity Model
  • Enterprise-wide Analytics Tracking for Virtual Care in the COVID-19 Era
  • Equity: AI can be a Tool for Good in Health Equity
  • Healthcare Analytics Efficiency Improves Population Health Efforts
  • How COVID-19 Changed the World of Analytics
  • Hypertensive to Healthy: Keeping New Moms Safe with Remote Monitoring
  • Improving Patient Access and Time of Service Collections
  • Machine Learning, Social Determinants, and Data Selection for Population Health
  • Not More Predictions, Please! Using Prescriptive Data Science to Automatically Find Actionable Insights
  • Opening the Door for Patient Access and Scheduling
  • Reducing Surgical Supply Costs
  • Using Risk Stratification for Effective Care Management in a Pandemic
  • Why Population Health is More Important Than Ever in The New Normal

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"This is the best conference I’ve ever been to in all my years in healthcare…and that’s over 20 years."


Rave Reviews from Last Year's Attendees

This is the best conference I’ve ever been to in all my years in healthcare…and that’s over 20 years.

I can’t imagine a better summit. My brain is buzzing with all these new tools, resources, case studies, and innovative ideas and software. I’ll be back next year, and if next year is as good as this year, you’ll definitely have made a follower for life out of me.

This is by far the best conference I have attended. It was well planned and coordinated. Great job to the team for putting this amazing event together.

Same place, same time next year!! The best conference I’ve attended, fabulous job!

It definitely exceeded my expectations. A lot of conferences I go to, you take a lot information but it doesn’t have a practical application. This is completely different because I feel like I have a lot of information I’m excited about and can apply to my situation.

We talk about value-based care…this is a value-based conference. Considering what other conferences costs, the value I get out of this is tremendous.

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